About Us

Dr Sharon Walt, PhD

As a Certified International Functional Medicine Health Coach, I work in an interactive and creative way to inspire clients to maximize their personal potential. Coaching is about looking at where a client is, where they'd like to be, what's in the way, and how to remove those obstacles. I focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of the disorder.  Everyone is unique in their individual circumstances such as lifestyle (including family, friends, work, stress levels), or physiology (food sensitivities, metabolism, gut health, etc). One size does not fit all, so progress towards goals depends on finding the right strategies for each person.

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Hashimoto's thyroiditis differs from thyroiditis by root cause. It is an autoimmune condition – the body's immune system is attacking thyroid tissue or some aspect of it's function. So, in essence, the thyroid gland is the victim. Regaining the health of the thyroid gland depends on resolving the issues with the immune system.