Nurture Programs

First, let’s be clear - there is no quick fix to heal an autoimmune disorder, such as Hashimoto’s.

Healing your Hashimoto’s involves identifying and addressing the root causes behind the disorder and this takes time. There are a multitude of potential root causes to sift through because everyone's Hashimoto's is different. Root causes can be any combination of genetic, and environmental (including internal and external) factors. Resolving these factors involves breaking your nutritional and lifestyle habits that have, over time, contributed to the disorder and then creating new habits that facilitate better health.

My Nurture Program offers you a way forward to healing your Hashimoto’s and resolving many of your symptoms.  By working together, we create a personalized strategy for identifying and addressing your root causes.

The program starts with my analysis of your health history and current health status which leads to an initial identification of probable root causes. We develop a strategy that works for you, at a pace that works for you. I offer the personalized support and the accountability required to help you build healthier habits.

The length of the program is determined by you.  Your progress depends on the pace as well as the complexity of your health issues. 

The program is operated as a membership program, with a monthly fee.  After the initial 3 months (mandatory commitment), you can stop or move to our Nurture Maintenance Program.



Duration of Program

Monthly Subscription - 3 Months Min

Bi-weekly private one-on-one sessions

Written post session summary with  recommendations

Access to online lifestyle/nutrition journal with weekly review

Access to functional testing (comprehensive stool analysis, food sensitivity tests, hormone testing, etc) and quality nutritional supplements

Health updates via newsletter

Resources/handouts specific to your goals and needs

Individualized 1-on-1 support between sessions via email/DM


Access to Private FB Group

Analysis of Blood and Functional Test Results




(minimum 3 month commitment)

20-min consultation

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