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First Steps in Healing Hashimoto's

I usually work with clients 1-on-1 to help them heal and enjoy their lives to the fullest again.  But because I have can only work with a few people at a time and working 1-on-1 with me can be a significant cost, this is not an option to everyone.  And that’s why I’ve developed my new online group program – First Steps.  It’s based on the initial work I do with my 1-on-1 clients but in a self-study and group format.  Not only do you learn what your body needs to heal and thrive, you also get support and accountability to help you make (and sustain) these healthy changes…  at a fraction of what it usually costs to work with me 1-on-1! 

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Enrolment open now.  Course starts April 4th, 2022.

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